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FoxPASS September 2017 Meeting

FoxPASS September 2017 Meeting

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Which Azure Database Should I Choose?

Anne Bougie, Senior Software Developer Concurrency

Deciding which of the many database options to choose from in Azure can be overwhelming. There are many options, and it’s impossible for everyone to know all of them. Traditionally, the choice has been to select which relational database to choose. But with all the NoSql databases available, there are many more choices that may be a better fit for your application. What are the trade offs among all the choices? Why pick just one? I will give some practical examples of how to combine different types of databases. Microsoft released Document DB a couple of years ago, which was their first managed NoSql cloud database. Just recently Cosmos DB has expanded those offerings and made it easier than ever to use. Cosmos DB is a service that contains several types of databases. I will explain what each of these are, along with some code samples to get you started. You will leave this session with a greater understanding of the different types of NoSql databases and what kinds of problems each of them solves best.

About Anne:
Anne Bougie is a Senior Software Developer at Concurrency, Inc. Anne has been in software development since the mid-90s in many different roles including developer, architect, business analyst, tester, project manager and teacher. She has expertise in a variety of languages and platforms and enjoys speaking as an opportunity to break down complex technical topics to help other understand them. She has been developing for the cloud since 2009. When she is not coding, she is either maintaining her beehives or playing with Arduino projects for beekeeping. Her blog is at

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