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FoxPASS September 2013 Meeting

  • In-Person @ 100 W Lawrence St, Suite 100 Appleton Center Appleton, Wisconsin, United States (map)
  • 17:30 - 19:30 Central Daylight Time
  • Language: English
  • RSVP URL: None

Join us for a developer-focused session, dinner, drinks, and networking!

Featured Presentation:

Unit Testing Fundamentals

Eric Selje, Consultant Salty Dog Solutions

How can you be certain the "little change" you're about to make to that stored procedure isn't going to take down your whole company? Real developers use a technique called "Unit Testing" to minimize that risk, a concept that's also available to you. With unit testing you can quick ascertain whether the the changes to functions, stored procedures, and even other objects in your database had a negative unforeseen impact. In this session we'll walk through the basics of what unit testing is, how to set up a simple Unit Testing project in SSMS, how we can tell whether something has negatively changed in our functions or procedures. We'll also enumerate any 3rd party tools available to help us with Unit Testing our databases.

About Eric:
Eric Selje is a consultant in Madison, WI who works on a wide variety of applications, from desktop to intranet to internet to web - all of them requiring databases. Eric has worked for government and private businesses, and is now consultant specializing in line-of-business data applications. He has been a user group leader since 1995, and other than coding he loves playing Ultimate and baseball, doing crosswords and reading.

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