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Fox Valley Microsoft Data Platform

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FoxPASS May 2015 Meeting

Data Corruption: How to Determine What Data Is Corrupt
Abstract: There are two kinds of DBAs in the world -- those who have experienced corruption, and those who will.  Join me for this session to learn what corruption is, how it can occur, and how to check if your data is corrupt.  And if you do find corruption, I will show you how to identify what data is affected using DBCC CHECKDB and DBCC PAGE.
Bio: Frank Gill is a database administrator with 15 years of experience in IT, the last 7 of it with SQL Server.  He is huge fan of all things internal and loves teaching others about what he has learned.  Frank active in the SQL Community and is co-president of the Chicago SQL Server User Group.  When not working with SQL Server, Frank reads voraciously and volunteers at the Art Institute of Chicago.  You can follow him on Twitter (@skreebydba) and at his blog,

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