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FoxPASS - Special December 2014 Meeting!

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You don't want to miss this event! On Tuesday, December 2, FoxPASS will have 2 special guests! Mark Souza – General Manager – Microsoft Cloud + Enterprise Engineering and Mark Simms – Director – Microsoft Cloud + Enterprise Engineering will be here to answer your questions! 

You won't get a face-to-face opportunity to find out about the future direction of SQL Server, ask questions, and talk about your biggest concerns again soon! 


UTC : Tue, Dec 02 2014 23:30 - 02:30
Event Time : Tue, Dec 02 2014 17:30 - 20:30 (UTC-06:00) Central Time (US & Canada)
Your Local Time: Tue, Dec 02 2014 23:30 - 02:30


4351 W College Ave Suite 210
Appleton, Wisconsin

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Featured Presentation

Latest state of the business and technical updates on Microsoft data and cloud platform

Speaker: Mark Souza, general manager - SQL Server Microsoft

Summary: The Mark and Mark show will be strategic, dynamic and technical. We are prepared to drill down on any topic related to Microsoft data platform, development platform or cloud platform. If the audience is willing to participate and ask questions , we promise you will walk away learning something new. The format is simple, we will seed a couple of topics and then turn it over to the user group audience. Come prepared to answer the following question when asked: “Tonight’s user group will be successful if Mark and Mark talk about _________!”. We will stay as long as it takes and get as technical as you want. Bring extra popcorn! Some sample topics and discussions could include: · Azure roadmap · Data Platform roadmap · Share experiences of interesting customer projects – Data and Cloud · What does the cloud mean to you, your company and your future as DBA, developer, manager, etc. · Etc. It will be an open and honest discussion so no tweeting, no blogging, no pictures, etc. Having fun is a requirement.

About Mark: Mark Souza is a General Manager in the Microsoft Data Platform Group. He is responsible for all Customer/Partner interaction, Content and Community for the data platform products at Microsoft: Middleware, Database and Cloud. Using Customer Experiences he ensures the DPG division is building and shipping products that customers need to build enterprise class solutions. He is responsible for building the best, most vibrant technical community in the world.








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