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FoxPASS October 2014 meeting

Our October meeting will be a PASS Summit preview! Join us for food, beers, and a great topic. 

Featured Presentation:

Are Your Indexes Helping You or Hurting You?

Jes Borland, Software Engineer Microsoft

Queries need your help! Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to make great decisions about what indexes are best for your workload. In this session, we'll review the difference between clustered and nonclustered indexes, show when to use included columns, understand what sargability means, and introduce statistics. You'll leave this session with the ability to confidently determine why - or why not - SQL Server uses your indexes.

About Jes:
Jes Borland is a Software Engineer with Microsoft who has experience with a wide range of SQL Server features from version 2005 through 2019, and is on the cutting edge with Azure technologies. Since graduating Fox Valley Technical College with an IT-Programmer/Analyst degree, Jes has worked as an SSRS developer, DBA, and consultant. Before joining Microsoft, Jes was a six-time Data Platform MVP, recognized for her community work. Jes tackles every project and problem with tenacity and her enthusiasm is unmatched in the SQL Server community. In her free time, Jes never stops moving, and counts fitness, coffee, cooking, and travel as essentials in life.

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