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Driving Data Science Using Databricks and Snowflake

Please join us, Justin Stadler, and FoxPass president Turner Kunkel for their talk on "Driving Data Science Using Databricks and Snowflake".

Justin's LinkedIn can be found here:

Justin recently presented at Chicago's MDM conference on a similar topic, found here:

This meeting will be held in our regular meeting location in Appleton, WI.

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Featured Presentation:

Driving Data Science Using Databricks and Snowflake

Justin Stadler, Supervisor of Engineering - Data Science ABC Supply

ABC Supply has been racing to build a data science capability to the organization. Not an uncommon problem to face these days but with fresh eyes and no existing data science architecture, how did they build their new analytical platform? The discussion will revolve around the architectural choices made at ABC and how recent partnerships in Azure have provided value to ABC. To include some unexpected discoveries and values with using Databricks and Snowflake.

About Justin:
Justin is 10 year IT veteran and 8 years prior in various management roles at distribution companies. Having deployed or worked with many big name data/analytics platforms in those years, he brings a wealth of knowledge in analytics architecture and organizational change management. Most recently he has been responsible for the next generation analytical platform at ABC Supply.

Driving Data Science Using Databricks and Snowflake

Turner Kunkel, Senior Consultant Talavant

(Continuing Justin's discussion)

About Turner:
Consulting with Talavant since September 2017. President of the Fox Valley, WI PASS chapter. Degrees in computer science and management sciences. Experienced in SQL, SSIS, and DevOps strategies, Azure Data Factory, and Databricks. Beer maker, music lover, code tinkerer.

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