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2018 Year in Review


In 2018, FoxPass hosted 9 speaking events and 2 social gatherings.

Past events can be found in two places:


FoxPass’ subscribership has risen to a total of 408 readers!

Our Meetup group currently reaches 152 members!

This is a large increase since the beginning of 2018, and we hope to see this grow.


2019 Location Change      

As 2019 gets underway, we have moved our meeting location to Secura Insurance.

Stay tuned for possible other locations during the year.

Also make sure to check on the location(s) of our social events in 2019.

We would like to thank Omni Resources for hosting us for so long before this year.


If you are interested in speaking for FoxPass this year, please contact

We will be happy to facilitate a date for you to present your topic.

Speaking is a great way to get involved in the PASS community.

2019 slots are filling up quickly – so please let us know as soon as possible.


Sponsorships are important for FoxPass to thrive and continue giving to the community.

If you, a contact, a colleague, or your company would like to sponsor us, please contact to continue the discussion.

A list of current sponsors can be found on FoxPass’ Main Site. 

Feedback and Survey

Our speakers highly appreciate feedback. 

Please fill out the feedback cards after a presentation.

If you are unable to fill out a card, please reach out to the speaker directly, or email and we will pass it along.

The group’s leadership looks forward to suggestions and feedback as well. 

A good way to provide this is to take our survey on our About Us page. 

It will take you only two minutes, and feeds into our embedded survey report.


Social Media

FoxPass is active on both Twitter and YouTube (as of late 2018).

Please watch and follow us on these platforms for digital content. 


PASS Summit 2018

Summit was a huge hit yet again in 2018.

FoxPass has received video streams and accompanying documents from its sessions.

If you would like to see if a presentation or document from Summit’s sessions is

available for you, let us know and we will try to get it to you. 


Thank You from the Leadership Team

FoxPass leadership would like to thank everyone for a great 2018!

We are very much looking forward to spending time with you in 2019 and beyond.

Your leadership team:

President | Turner Kunkel

Senior Consultant at Talavant (LinkedIn) (Twitter) (Talavant)


Director of Communications | Josh Lindbom

Data Analytics and Platform Engineer at Skyline (LinkedIn)

Director of Finance | Adam Luebke

Applications Developer at U.S. Bank (LinkedIn)

Director of Programs | Thomas Lane, PhD

BI Architect at Talavant (LinkedIn) (Twitter) (Talavant)

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