Fox Valley Microsoft Data Platform

Fox Valley Microsoft Data Platform Users Group is THE Microsoft Data Platform community in northeast Wisconsin. Our group draws attendees from all over the Fox Valley - Green Bay to Fond du Lac, Waupaca to Manitowoc, and Milwaukee. We are here to provide education, networking, and support to all SQL Server professionals - DBAs, developers, BI, and more. 


Current Leadership

  President                                 Turner Kunkel    
  Director of Finance    Adam Luebke
  Director of Programs   Thomas M. Lane, PhD.
  Director of Communication          Joshua Lindbom



Leadership Roles

President - The President shall preside over all meetings of the chapter and Board; shall be empowered to call special meetings of the chapter or Board as necessary; shall be the principle executive office of the chapter and Board; shall be the official spokesperson for the chapter; and shall appoint committees and chairpersons thereof with the consent of the Board.

Director of Finance - The Director of Finance is responsible for all transactions of funding throughout the organization including the acquisition of sponsorship, fees, purchasing materials and items, and the management of a non-profit organization.

Director of Programs - The Director of Programs is responsible for the design of the meetups and events; identifying strategic speaking engagements for the group; management of the user group's PASS website; identifying new opportunities, facilities, and engagement types.

Director of Communication - The Director of Communication is responsible for all communication of the group to users; management of all 3rd party applications for the purpose of marketing of the events and providing consistent communication to the group's users.


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Sponsoring is a great way to get involved with FoxPass and contribute to the group.  Any participation in the sponsorship program is appreciated.
Please see our flyer if you are interested.

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