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Next Meeting: Wed, Nov 01 2017

FoxPass November 2017 Meeting

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Event Type: In-Person
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FoxPass November 2017 Meeting


Event Time : Wed, Nov 01 2017 17:00 - 19:00 Central Daylight Time
Your Local Time: Wed, Nov 01 2017 22:00 - 00:00


4351 W College Ave
Appleton, Wisconsin

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Featured Presentation

Azure Analysis Services and PowerBI

Speaker: Gene Furibondo, Senior Consultant The Lilac Group

Summary: This month's meeting for FoxPASS will be over Azure Analysis Services in conjunction with PowerBI. - Setting up Azure Analysis Services instance - PowerBI / Azure Analysis Services / Walkthrough how to import PowerBI models into Azure AS - Maintenance of Azure AS Model Speaker: Gene Furibondo Sr Consultant at Microsoft

About Gene: Gene has been working with Business Intelligence / Data Warehouse / Master Data Management concepts and technologies for over 11 years. As a consultant with Cognos Corporation, Gene was became well versed in Business Intelligence concepts. Technology speaking, his move Microsoft technology began in 2003 while starting, and growing, the BI/DW group at one of the largest U.S. REIT's. Gene returned to consulting in 2008 as an independant and has since worked with a diverse mix of clients in several different industries. Notable clients include Radio Flyer, Wolters Kluwer, Safeway, and McDonald's Corporation. Gene's experience has taught him many lesson's, one of the most important being that technology is rarely the determining factor of whether a BI/DW/MDM project/program succeeds or fails.

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